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Zaxso Equipment Ltd. is a 100% Danish-owned trading and manufacturing company established in 2010. Since the beginning, Zaxso Equipment Ltd. has been developing rapidly, with products manufactured around the world. The ZAXSO brand has already built a strong reputation based on excellent quality and the ability to precisely locate the right products, the market demands. We alone promote for the market the products in the ZAXSO range. We are constantly looking worldwide for the best manufacturers in order to ensure that our customers achieve the best possible quality for the price.
Besides producing ZAXSO, we can also help our customers search for a specific product. Send us an email with a specification. Within a short time, we will return with an offer on for the inquired products.
A large network in both Europe and Asia among manufactures and customers, enable us to solve even the most difficult tasks, and find a specific product for a specific customer segment. Zaxso Equipment LTD. is a guarantee that products meet user expectations and regulatory requirements for approval under the strictest European standards.
The ZAXSO brand are represented in other countries of large and well-run trading companies. If you want your company to also distribute ZAXSO products in your country, please send us an email at where you describe your company and what products you are interested in.
We strive for a consistently high service level with focus on high quality, flexibility and commitment.
We are looking for the solution that can contribute to customer value creation.

Satisfied users of ZAXSO products is our success.

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Zaxso Equipment ApS
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